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About Traditional Metal Braces

With cutting-edge dental technology and advances in orthodontic treatments, traditional metal braces are more comfortable and affordable than ever. MINT dentistry in Conroe, TX offers a wide variety of orthodontic treatments to help you get a healthy, beautiful smile. Conventional braces offer customization options that are not possible with other orthodontic treatments. Many patients prefer metal braces since it allows them to share their personality by choosing colors of elastic bands. This is an especially fun feature for younger patients who are attending their favorite sports games because they can express their team spirit. For more information about orthodontic treatments with metal braces, schedule a consultation to speak to our skilled MINT dentistry team.

Best Candidates for Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are a great choice for patients of all ages. MINT dentistry uses braces made with strong, stainless steel archwires held in place with brackets, which are carefully placed to move your teeth gently into optimal position. They are an ideal choice for patients with jaw alignment issues, teeth that are crowded or have gaps, or an overbite or underbite. We also use top-quality elastics that are simple to put on and don't break easily. At your initial consultation, your team will explain your options, then help you pick the method that best fits your goals.

What to Expect with Traditional Metal Braces

Aided by your exam and bite analysis, a personalized plan for treatment will be created to match your specific goals. On the day of your appointment, you will be asked to settle into one of our relaxing treatment chairs in a well-equipped procedure room. After slipping on a pair of stylish MINT sunglasses and a set of Beats headphones, your teeth will be cleaned and dried before we put on your metal braces. Once we have applied the bonding agent to your teeth, your brackets will be carefully placed. As soon as the brackets are set, we will put the archwire through the brackets. You will then be able to choose your desired color or colors for your elastic bands. These bands attach the wire to the brackets. Typically, the application process moves fairly quickly and patients usually feel no pain. You will need to return to our office once a month for progress exams and adjustments.

Traditional Metal Braces Treatment Aftercare

Wearing braces can make cleaning your teeth a little harder. However, good oral hygiene is essential to your orthodontic treatment. Before you leave our office wearing braces for the first time, we will demonstrate how to clean your teeth and provide you with helpful tips. We strongly suggest that you floss and brush at least twice a day. Attending all your orthodontic treatment appointments, plus twice-yearly cleanings can help to ensure optimal results. Typically, patients need to wear braces for 12 – 24 months, but the length of your treatment will depend on the severity of your case. After your teeth are in the correct position, your team will take your braces off and move you into a retainer. Your team will help you choose the right retainer for your lifestyle.

The MINT Commitment

While there are many advantages to newer orthodontic treatments, traditional braces are usually more affordable. At your first appointment, we will explain your options and cost estimates so you can select which matches your needs, goals, and budget. If you have insurance, our front office will speak to your provider to understand your coverage and then calculate your out-of-pocket costs. For patients without dental insurance, we take many payment methods and we can tell you how to apply for low-interest financing.

Traditional Metal Braces Trustworthy Results

Recently, we have seen many innovations in dental treatments, like orthodontics, for both children and adults. However, traditional metal braces are still a highly effective orthodontic treatment at MINT dentistry. Speak to our practice in Conroe, TX to schedule an initial consultation with our team of board-certified dental professionals for more information about orthodontic treatments, like braces, for yourself or your child.

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